My website is currently under construction, but I welcome your emails and phone calls.

I can be reached at or 816-532-8888.

As I run for Clay County Commissioner, Eastern District, I ask for your input and support. We need volunteers who can help walk in parades this fall, others to help put up signs and to do other organizational work. It is also a great sign of your support if you would volunteer to put one of my campaign signs on your property or affix a bumper sticker to your car window.

Your volunteer help can make a big difference! Please direct all volunteer, sign or bumper sticker requests to the phone number or e-mail above. Of course, we always welcome your financial support as well. It takes a considerable amount to buy signs, bumper stickers, newspaper ads and mailers to communicate my stand on the issues to voters. We are working hard to put every penny to good use! Contributions may be made payable to: Citizens for Ridgeway and mailed to 19405 Platte County Line Road, Smithville, MO 64089.

Most importantly, I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6, 2012!


For a better Clay County,